Saturday, November 26, 2011


It is finally here, the last night of O.A.E.O.P.

Sunday November 26th, 2011
4pm - 10pm

As usual we will be making a selection of delicious local pizzas and serving up some hot cocktails to warm your spirits. We will also be saying goodbye to all our loyal customers, friends new and old! Making these pizzas has been a blast. I am definitely going to miss seeing peoples faces light up as I hand them a pie fresh out of the oven. Thank you to everyone who has come and been a patron of the oven. We salute your pizza passion!

The menu will be posted early on tomorrow. We will be doing a special pizza this week made by you. The B.Y.O.ZZA is your favorite pizza. Bring whatever you want to put on you pie and we will provide the crust and the cooking.

We have also have another special offer for this week. We have a limited edition screen-print to help keep the O.A.E.O.P. alive in your heart! It is a 9" x 12" two color print on bristol in edition of 40. If you can't be here tomorrow and would like a print you can contact us here SPOKESTWO [at] GMAIL.COM. They will be $5 each. Here is an image below.


Thank you,


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