Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emerging Agriculture

Produce Prep.

Last week we enjoyed a visit from the folks at Youth Farm. They came out on Monday to see the oven and then returned Wednesday for a Pizza Party! We had a great time sharing the oven with these enthusiastic young urban farmers.

Topping Tossing
Pizza Peace

I think that programs like Youth Farm and similar programs that are happening across the country are integral to changing the structure of our food system. Like many of our infrastructure systems food production and consumption are in great need of attention. By bringing farming into the city and addressing how we interact with our environment through food these programs are teaching a new generation that there is a different way we can produce and consume. My hat is off to all who are out there making this possible and sharing it with others.

In the Oven
Enjoying the Bounty

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  1. So good they are part of the movement.
    Kids eating pizza are way cuter than hipsters eating pizza!