O.A.E.O.P. is the Oakland Avenue Earth Oven Pizza a temporary underground pizza bistro. The center of the operation is an earth oven built in the backyard of a South Minneapolis home. Like a brick oven when properly fired this simple dome of clay can reach very hot temperatures (like 700 - 800˚). At this temperature a pizza can be cooked in about one and one half minutes.
The next ingredient in this radical recipe is local and organic ingredients. The weekly menu is determined by what is seasonally available from local farms. This makes for interesting and inventive combinations on top of a delicious crust. Menus will usually be available the day before in the afternoon when I've finished my shopping.
I'd like to give a special thanks to Turnip Rock Farm who provided the tomatoes for our sauce. Earlier in the summer we bought boxes of tomatoes and jarred them for delicious pizza all winter.
The dough is made by hand the night before and rises slow overnight.