Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 Finale Menu!

Za-da! Here it is the final menu for the year:

The Classic   ($12)
Tomato sauce, Pork Sausage & Mozzarella

For Whom the Bell Tolls   ($10)
Ricotta Cream Sauce, Mozzarella, Black Radish,  Bell Pepper & Crimini Mushroom

Sweet 'n' Saur Blue   ($10)
Squash Sauce, Saurkraut, Golden Delicious Apple, Riccotta & Blue Cheese

It's been so much fun to be back, serving up pizzas and see so many friendly faces. I'm excited to say O.A.E.O.P. is looking forward to a new chapter in the Spring. We are very hopeful that we will become a real bon-a-fied Mobile Food Vendor and be able to serve are pizzas publicly. But don't worry we still have plans to keep the pizza speak-easy alive, with a whole new location and lots more...

It's been great, see ya' next year!


P.S. Our little Brother Tamale D's will be serving delicious Tamales (Vegan option available) at the Organ Haus next weekend. Check this link out for details.

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