Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back Again...

We're back. Back from the other places we have been. We are ready to make some pizzas for you. Here is a little slide show for you, a few things we saw on are way around the country and back:
Sparkling at the last O.A.E.O.P. in 2011

Then we headed out to NY and met this guy on the way.

After NY we headed south to NOLA.

We left NOLA and started biking from Tucson, AZ heading to San Fransisco.

Stopped on the way and enjoyed exciting LA.

Arrived in Oakland and found out we had common ideas with the locals.

Then we headed off to a sweet lil' farm in New Auburn, WI.

Spent our time hangin' with all sorts of animals out in the pasture.

Nothing beats cooking on a farm. Nothing.

Then we started building a new, bigger oven. Much bigger.

Plenty of time to enjoy some foraging near the creek.

Plenty of rocks to build the foundation. Six feet in diameter.

The hearth is set. The oven will be Fifty inches across the interior.

The dome begins with the help of some skilled craftsmen.

First layer of cob in place, and with the door form starting the second.

Digging out the form we removed Five wheel barrels of sand.

The first fire is lit.

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